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Chris 'Mordrid' Hathcock has created yet another beautifully melancholy opus with the latest release under the The Reticent moniker. As introspective as the debut and trending into more progressive waters akind to Riverside or Porcupine Tree.


01. Amor Mortem Mei Erit
02. Afterthought
03. Emancipate
04. Years In A Moment
05. Hurt
06. Remission
07. Painless
08. If
09. Slough Of Despond
10. To Be Forgotten

- Limited edition of 1,000


Amor Mortem Mei Erit is the latest release from the Reticent, the one-man side project of Wehrwolfe drummer Chris "Mordrid" Hathcock. Far from Wehrwolfe's fierce death metal assault, the Reticent offers a tranquil, melancholy sound with gorgeous acoustic instrumentals and moving, soulful vocals.

Amor Mortem Mei Erit is not a metal album per se, but it's coming from a metal musician and has a metal feel. The most obvious point of comparison is Opeth's brilliant "mellow" album Damnation, but I can't help thinking that this is the album the Moody Blues would have made if they wanted people to kill themselves. It's hard to find the right way to describe an album like Amor Mortem Mei Erit. Beautifully despondent? Majestically bleak? Listening to the Reticent is like walking out onto a craggy beach just before dawn. The rocks, water, sand, fog - all gray. These songs are the waves that wash over you until you can imagine walking out into the water and just continuing until the water overwhelms you, but you still go willingly into the gray. My Dying Bride only wishes they were this depressing.

I think the album could have benefited from more "plugged in" solos, and some Hammond or Mellotron action would give it a more classic sound, but those are relatively small gripes. It's largely an acoustic guitar and vocal album, and both aspects are handled extremely well.

Amor Mortem Mei Erit is one of the best new releases I've heard this year, and is one that open minded metal fans, particularly those who enjoy Opeth, Porcupine Tree, and bands that tend towards the bleaker end of the spectrum, will definitely want to check out.

Top 500 (#129!) reviewer

"Amor Mortem" review in Nocturnal Euphony mag

To begin, The Reticent is a one man band. Often with one man projects the outcome is very shallow, and lacks the depth that other members can provide. With The Reticent this is not the case. Simply put the album is a stunning blend of very personal, passionate, and heartfelt songs performed, and written by Chris "Mordrid" Hathcock. The album is acoustic in nature, but still sucks you in with it's enchanting anthems. I am not one to compare music to others, but if I had to describe it I would say it's much like Opeth's "Damnation" mixed with someone like Aaron Lewis. Hands down it is a very well written, recorded, and performed record. This is well worth you time, and I highly recommend it. See more on The Reticent on the myspace page.