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Formed during the summer of 2005, Praetorius realized its roots early while molding songs in the searing heat of a tiny shed in Raleigh, NC. Led by the heart pounding beats of Dan Nusz and the complex riffing of guitarist John Sayres, Praetorius set out to show the world its view of how metal should be. Through long nights of writing and searching Nusz and Sayres met up with Elliot Madre to put together a trio of pure music essence. With the additional six string power of Sam DeFilipp and now bassist Adam Wamsley, Praetorius aims to inject the world with a generation of music untapped. Soaring guitar solos, vocal swagger, and thunderous drums will lead the way as Praetorius vows to show a new view on a timeless artifact.


1. Pirates of the West
2. Taste Death, Live Life
3. March of Praetorius
4. True Colors
5. Blind at Night
6. Blood Wolf
7. Ten 'til Two
8. Sin on Sin
9. Life Love Lost
10. The Beast (that refuses to die)
11. Shredders on the Roof
12. Tightrope

- Limited edition of 1,000

Regardless how you might try to classify this band, there is bound to be some heated discussion about it. With a range that crosses the boundaries of prog, metal and most genres that fall in between, Praetorius was described to me as an updated form of the band Saxon. I think lead singer Elliot Madre said it best when he told me they are more like Metallica covering Saxon. With a definite nod to old school metal, Praetorius is a band that refuses to fall under the trappings of being pigeonholed into a category.

While some of their music is pure high energy metal, such as the title track "Taste Death, Live Life" or the infectious "Sin on Sin". They are just as likely to dazzle you with a more progressive sound that can be attributed to the vocal styles of Elliot. On songs like the dramatic "Blood Wolf" he exhibits a range and style that reminds me a lot of Bruce Dickinson. His vocal abilities are made for the world where he chooses to use it. On the song "Ten 'til Two," Elliot's snarling style is key to making the song work. There is little doubt that this is a voice you will be hearing from for years to come.

This band has a secret weapon. Well, actually two. Their names are John Sayres and Sam DeFilipp. This pair of guitar slingers is the force that Praetorius rides on. As they each take turn leading the way, the other is right there to create the rhythm that drives the band. These two are the perfect compliment to each other and Praetorius. With a dynamic sound that thrashes and tears through you, these guys are the heart and soul of the group. While one is dazzling with a terrific solo the other is backing him up with a solid churning rhythm. Then there are times where they trade leads and each prods the other to bigger and better things, like on the self-proclaimed anthem "March of Praetorius". Even at the more mellow moments, these guys provide a certain dynamic that is a pure joy to listen to.

The thing that sets this band apart is their songwriting ability. "Life, Love, Lost" is a magnificent piece that shows just how well these guys can construct a great piece of rock and roll. Another side of this skill shows up on their tribute to the growth of rock and roll "The Beast". Here they pay tribute to the music that spawned them with an enjoyable romp through the history of metal.

This is a new band that is will make a name for themselves if they can get the backing necessary. They have all the right parts to make it big. Great songwriting, a terrific singer, soaring guitarists that produce some real magic moments and a name that no one understands! You will certainly be hearing more and more of these guys.

- Sea of Tranquility