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Since the first crack of heavy metal thunder was heard the genre has taken on a life of it's own spawning many subgenres. No matter the diversity or prefixes added, there have always been strong roots from which heavy metal came. Pure fist pounding, head banging aggressive music the way the Devil intended...then he created Hellrazor. Formed in the Fall of 2005 in Raleigh, North Carolina with members Alan Rueda ( Lead Vocals), Charley (Lead Guitar), Dave Sanchez (Bass), and Chuck Giardino (Drums). After serving time in several local and regional bands such as Bloodwritten, Iskariot, Direkt Frequency, Shadowlore and Daylight Dies, this group of hellions would come together to create a "balls to the wall" power house of true heavy metal in its purist from. With lightning riffs and dynamic vocals similar to the classic Iced Earth sound, and the onstage intensity of Armored Saint, Hellrazor is primed to bring their own vision of metal to the masses. The band builds on a foundation of classic metal bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Dio and incorporates the more aggressive elements of thrash icons Anthrax, Exodus, and Testament, as well as the melody and precision of the best European power metal acts for a sound that can only be described as POWER THRASH. Added to that is the band's relentless quest to shake the metal world's very foundations and carve their own place in metal history. Hellrazor's drive and dedication is evident on their just-completed full length debut album 'In the Wild' and can be attested by anyone who has witnessed one of their breakneck live performances. So raise your horns high, and bang your heads with fury. We give you Hellrazor!!


1. In the Wild
2. Hellrazor
3. The Pawn
4. Darker Days
5. Possession
6. The Passing Hour
7. Stacked Up
8. Ride or Die
9. 3 a.m.

- Limited edition of 1,000

2008’s Into the Wild is the debut offering from North Carolina-based metal band Hellrazor. If you have to categorize the band’s sound, I’d go with “power thrash”, as they join rapid-fire thrash riffing with power metal’s spirit and intensity. There are elements of early, hungry Metallica and Megadeth to Hellrazor’s sound, and I hear a lot of Armored Saint as well, but as soon as vocalist Alan Rueda opens his mouth, the most appropriate comparison immediately comes to mind.

Hellrazor sounds a lot like Iced Earth. Rueda’s vocals, whether sung or screamed, are very similar to Iced Earth frontman Matt Barlow. Of course, Iced Earth also drew heavily from bands like Metallica and Armored Saint, so the comparison makes sense musically as well. Now, if you enjoy Iced Earth, this is obviously a good thing. It’s even better for those of us who enjoyed Iced Earth in the past but lost interest with the various lineup changes and self-indulgent multi-part epics about Satan and Stargate. Hellrazor brings to mind the dark, aggressive Iced Earth songs from Burnt Offerings and The Dark Saga.

I don’t want to give the impression that Hellrazor is just an Iced Earth knockoff. The musicianship is high quality, and the songwriting (particularly the lyrics) is surprisingly solid for such a young band. The band definitely puts their own stamp on a familiar style of metal, and if they were nothing more than a copycat act I doubt I’d be hitting repeat as much as I have with this album.

It goes without saying that Iced Earth fans should love Into the Wild. It should also appeal to a pretty wide array of power and thrash metal fans, particularly those who enjoy bands like Imagika, Armored Saint, Brainstorm, Symphorce, older Metallica, and Nevermore.


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